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Questions and Answers:

Is this an essay?  No.  This is a creative, hands-on, show-and-tell assignment based on Shakespeare's Hamlet

Hands-on?  This is English class, right? The assignment involves creating a collection of 6-8 props for a particular character from the play.  Each prop should be supported by a line from the play.  They can be props which would literally be needed on-stage (Ex.: A black sweatshirt to represent Hamlet's line about wearing an "inky cloak" in Act I.ii.); alternatively, you might also choose lines/props which address part of the character's personality (Ex.: a stuffed donkey toy to illustrate Hamlet's remark, "What an ass am I." in Act II.ii.).

Can I choose my own character?  You may choose ANY character from the play, but just so you know, the main characters are easier to do because they have more lines to pick from.

Ok, so I make props and bring them in.  Is there a written component?  Yes, you should create a little chart to collect your lines and prop ideas (and explanations about what the line means or why you chose the prop). Bring your chart and your props in with you the next day for some show-and-tell Hamlet-review fun!

What kind of a budget should I have for this project?  None!  Please do not spend any money on your props or take anything from your little sister without asking.  Be creative.

Are there any props that I should avoid?  Yes!  Avoid weapons (real weapons anyway!).  A cardboard sword would be ok.  Also, avoid chemicals and fire-starting paraphernalia.  A home-made construction paper torch would be ok.  Be sensible and safe.

Did you make this assignment up?  This assignment comes from the Folger Shakespeare Library site, which you might want to look at  (under "What to Do") for some ideas.

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