Tuesday, February 13, 2018

HW 2/13: I.iv. and Prove It (!) statements

Assignment: Using your books, find textual support for each of the following “true” statements.  There are no false statements.  Defend them all!  Carefully use line numbers for quotes and details, please.  If you are feeling brave, you might try using . . .  [ ]  and  / .

  1. Laertes cautions Ophelia against falling in love with Hamlet.
  1. Polonius gives Laertes advice on how to act while he is in France.
  1. Polonius is opposed to Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet.
  1. Hamlet is opposed to the “custom” of all-night drinking practiced by Claudius.
  1. At first, Hamlet thinks the ghost might be evil.
  1. Horatio is worried that the ghost might lead Hamlet to his death.
  1. Marcellus and Horatio suggested earlier in the play that the ghost was a harbinger of war (I.ii.); however, they now think that the ghost might be trying to tell them that something is terribly wrong. (Note: just “prove” the last part … that there seems to be an indication of, as Hamlet says at the end of I.ii., “foul play”).    

Monday, February 12, 2018

HW 2/12: Hamlet I.iii.

Please keep track of the advice given to Ophelia by Laertes (and vise-versa), from Polonius to Laertes, and from Polonius to Ophelia.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

HW 2/6: Hamlet I.i.

Read Hamlet Act I scene i and be prepared to discuss and dramatize in class. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

HW 1/23: Essay Scoring with Rubrics

Using the official rubric, score three sample essays -- then score your own.  Be critical, but don't just be hard on yourself ... be FAIR to yourself :)

Write a 1-paragraph explanation for each essay score (see p.52-53 in the workbook for examples of how to do this).

DUE: Wed, Jan. 24.